June 23, 2017

Thank You Apple

it's been a very busy week and now it's almost the end of june.  where in the world does time go?

the weather turned hot & humid after the severe storm and then it got to a mixed bag.  is mother nature even still around????  LOL

i kept myself busy.  i cleaned out some of my stamps but, if you ask me, it wasn't nearly as much as i wanted to.  seems i had planned on a DEEP CLEAN OUT and all i got was... nope.  i'll still hang on to that one!  does it never end?  LOL  and then i keep buying!  wth????

anyway, here's one i played with....

no teachers to send this to, but i love that
apple! it's from STAMPS OF LIFE.  love
her stamps.  she also has fabulous "FLASH" 
sales.... and if you're a member of any one 
of her clubs.... the discount is to die-for!

well, hope your june is super.  with the summer soltice just passed, the days now begin to get shorter.  i'm gonna miss the daylight until 9:30 p.m.  but i AM thankful that i'm still around to enjoy it!

thanks for stopping by!


  1. Like that apple, did you add glitter/shimmmer to it. Yep, I'm so lovn these long days. Too bad they cant last. And ths weather is a welcome relief

  2. I really like the way you draw images of what you read in the text to support your ideas.



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