June 16, 2017


well, it's been a week for sure!  we had a storm come thru and knocked out power and downed lines and trees.  our little town of Sandwich is a mess!!!
fortunately for me, our complexes power came back on after only 2 hours of being out.  however, a few houses on the north side of the complex - which is the older side with single-wide trailers - lost lots of trees and about (or so i've heard and from what i saw) 2 houses and 1 garage have been totally demolished.  lots of trees on the south side of the complex - where i live - had lots of trees down.  my next door neighbor's tree in her front yard went down and fortunately totally missed her house.  i have no trees other than 1 in my front yard so no damage at all to me.

traffic lights were out and downtown sandwich and somonauk (the next town west of us) still have no power - which is now 24+ hours.  lots of restaurants lost lots of food; most stores had no air, no lights and no registers.  those that did open were CASH ONLY.

last night it stormed again with more power outages.  my heart goes out to the COM ED guys who are working round the clock tirelessly.  again, my complex has been blessed as we all have power.

my poor dog was a nervous wreck when the storm hit. i had to go into my car to charge my cell phone as everything in my house was out!!!

boy-o-boy!  you sure don't know how dependent you become to your computer, cell phones, air conditioning.  having COMCAST TRIPLE PLAY.... EVERYTHING in my house went out.  no phone, no tv, no air, no lights and NO RADIO!  guess what i went looking for yesterday?  yep... a battery operated radio... only to find out... there are very few, if any out there!  o, you can find battery BACKUP but that means, the clock will work if there's a power outage. the radio WILL NOT.  actually says that in the manual you get.  sooooooo, i'm on the hunt for a battery operated radio.  i DID get me the NOAA all-media weather / storm radio which i had intended to get anyway.

i did alot of praying and alot of hugging puppy.  all is well here and... as always... GOD IS GOOD!

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