March 13, 2017


still congested after a week.  itchy nose and alot of sneezing is driving me nuts... and today we have snow.  expected 4-6".  don't care other than i have to shovel my back deck for puppy but that's an easy job.  mother nature should be put on new meds or FIRED!  she's gone crazy.  can we still expect the summer to be summer-like?

i did get alot of playtime in and i've added some cards to my etsy shop.  i'm hoping i can get that shop going.

 i was asked specifically for a birthday card containing goofy.  here's what i came up with....

it wasn't hard.  googled goofy images and chose
this one.  i actually kept his feet up in the air.
i love it and so did the person requesting it.

a nice quiet week this week.  hopefully, the congestion along with the snow, will finally go away!

hope your week sparkles!

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  1. So sorry to hear that you are still under the weather. Difficult to stay well with the way the weather has been. This constand up and down is the pit. One of my sons called this evening from Boston and they are expecting a foot of snow tomorrow. I love Goofy. Great card with all the sentiments around him. I put up several Easter cards for the twins and added pics of them to the blog. Hope your week improves.


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