February 24, 2017

Happy is the Home

the weather here has be beautiful!  in the 60s.. we even hit 70.  the house has been opened up.  mother nature is playing a very cruel trick on us i'm sure!

not much going on.  i got to play outside with puppy - who's a very happy camper, and i got to play inside....

got this die for a steal so decided to
give it a try.  i like it.

well, winter should be returning with a little snow expected on saturday; but the temps are to remain above freezing.  i will take it.  

have a great week and thanks for stopping by.


  1. Fabulous card Stef.
    Glad you are getting some good weather - Storm Doris hit the UK yesterday and caused chaos with public transport due to the high winds bringing power cables down and trees blocking roads.
    Today is lovely & sunny and the wind has dropped but we are threatened with rain for much of the weekend.
    Toni xx

  2. Love all your recent creations. This a lovely new home card. Hope you and Neenah are having a great time. Skipper sends purrs to Neenah. Stay well.

  3. I love your card! I have been sick and have not enjoyed the great temps here- and crazy as it sounds, hope we have at least one more snow? Crazy, right?


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