November 22, 2017

It's All Good

same old, same old. i did see a painting from a lady in one of the groups i belong to and just fell in love with it.  asked if i could CASE it and she said yes.  here's my version....

her's was done on a very light gray but i didn't have it
which is ok because i like the dark.  i hand-drew the glass and also added
the white dots.

this glass is NOT hand-drawn.  i found it googling wine glasses.
this is the inside of the card.
love how it turned out.

well my xmas stuff is up in the house - which is REALLY early for me.  i totally downsized.  no tree, no lights.  just a few table-top items and my mantle.  got rid of alot of stuff in the storage boxes so what i have up now will be what i will be doing (GOD willing).  the less, the better.  plus i can put the boxes on a shelf in the garage rather then up in the loft and then have to ask someone to get them down.

life is good.  i am blessed and thankful for EVERYTHING.

wishing you and yours...

November 12, 2017

Playing with dies

another challenge - and right up my CAS alley...  this is for ADDICTED TO CAS (which i am) - and the theme is BOWS....

November 05, 2017

A Couple Challenges

so, decided to play in a few challenges.  it's been such a long time. 

this is for the ARCHI-SCRAPS CHALLENGE - use fruit.
the apple is an old stamp i had (i have lot of those) and
often "forget" i even have them.  go figure.

this next one is for the MONOCHROME MAGIC CHALLENGE - with a twist... STARS..,.

the star is a SPELLBINDERS die.

well, there ya have it.  come join the fun at these challenges.  you KNOW you WANT to!!!  
thanks so much for stopping by

October 28, 2017

THISTLE for CAS on Friday

well, well, well, wadda ya know.  i've decided it was time to enter a challenge!  ok.  don't faint!  i know!  it's been years.  but you know me... i LOVE CAS cards.  so here's my card for CAS ON FRIDAY challenge which is flowers (another fav of mine)...

the image and sentiment is by FUN STAMPERS JOURNEY.  you can find it here.
i used fall colors.  i definitey hope this "cheers you up".

October 27, 2017

And the Oscar Goes To....

well, say goodbye to another month that came and went in the blink of an eye.

everything from the flood dried up and under the house is all good.  no puddles, no smells and nothing hanging on the floors.  GOD IS GOOD.

jade's party was fun.  they went lazer-tagging (i did not go) and the theme to her party was DIRECTOR.  she's mentioned she "might" (key word here) want to be a movie director.  i sure hope not.  i really don't want her anywhere near hollywood.  but i will not tell her that.

her cake was spectacular.  it was made by a professional and cost about what you would pay a professional too.... which means... about the same as a wedding cake.  but...  it was gorgeous AND absolutely delicious.  each layer was different and filled.

layer 1 (top) white cake with vanilla cream & mango;
layer 2 (middle): spice cake with mocha salted caramel (turned out i liked this one the best)
layer 3 (bottom): all dark chocolate with a little bit of crunch in the cream.
lots and lots of fondant.  i found i really REALLY like fondant.  shoot me now!

everything on the cake except for the feathers, the black & gold balls and the gold bling around the base..was edible! i GOT the gold bling.  i'm sure you'll see it on a card... eventually!

yes, yes, yes... i DO have a picture....

now is that spectacular or what????  and is she gorgeous?  12.  i never looked like that at 12!

well, i do NOT do halloween.  no kids, no candy.  jade says she's gonna be "something dead".  she LOVES halloween.  good that her birthday is in october!

thanks so much for stopping by.  have a Spooktacular halloween.

October 21, 2017


well, i'd say time sure flies but then, i ALWAYS say that.  however, this week, it did because, for some reason, i had a busy week.

fall is here, there is SOME color in the leaves.  we had a torrential rain and our complex got flooded.

we had 8.5 inches of rain.  this is the 4th time in 17 yrs that this has happened.  FORTUNATELY, being ALL manufactured homes, the house itself may be on a slap, but it IS elevated, so no water gets INTO the house.  this flood went entirely from the streets, under the house, thru the garage and into my yard.  my yard was the worst of all 4 of the floods.  it did recede fairly quickly - at least the backyard did.  my house, my neighbor to my right and the 2 houses across from house seem to be in a "low lying" spot so the water remained in the streets for a good part of the day.

i had nothing on my floor in the garage so nothing got ruined.  it did come up about 3 inches in the garage and it made it to the bottom level of a shelf on which i had a case of typing paper.  that's about all that got wet.  GOD IS GOOD.

of course, once the water receded i still had to clean out everything.  the smell was yucky and the salt & calcium deposits on the garage floor were ugly!  always something!

now we head to halloween... of which i am NOT a fan.  call me old.  we're a 55+ community so we really don't get kids in here... which is good because then i can stay away from the candy!

that's my story and i'm sticking to it!

have a great week and HAPPY HALLOWEEN!

It's All Good

same old, same old. i did see a painting from a lady in one of the groups i belong to and just fell in love with it.  asked if i could CASE ...