April 26, 2017

I'm Staying

wow!  thank you to all who said "please don't close your blog!"
i know, right!  it's been 9 yrs.  i don't think i can part with it.  soooooooooo, i'm keeping this open.  however, i won't be posting as frequently as i have been, but it's good to keep if i ever decide to play in some challenges again (which i really should start doing).

otherwise, all is well.

hope you're all enjoying the nice weather as much as i am.  getting things done around the house.  feels good to be up and about and doing things.  even puppy is happy - especially now that her butt is healed.

see you soon. :)

April 23, 2017

Goodbye maybe?

happy last sunday in april.  the dandelions are in full bloom... all over my yard!  ugh!  but the DO look pretty!

i may decide to finally close my blog.  with facebook and my card page.... GLITTERBABE GREETINGS  is there really any need for it?  i don't play in challenges anymore and alot of them are on facebook anyway.

if i DON'T close the blog, i may not post as often.

so, until then.... be well, be happy, be safe and BE BLESSED.  i will see you soon!

April 20, 2017

A Better Turn of the Month

well, things have gotten better... as it always does.  puppy is doing better, the water heater works like a charm and tho i still haven't spoken to my BFF, she knows i love her.

weather is typical spring.... sunny, cloudy, rainy, cool, warm... a mixed bag; but the house is opened up during the day and the heat has been off for a week!

i did get some playtime in....

i belong to the STAMPS OF LIFE basic club and every
now and then she has a "flash" sale - i love those.  this
die was one of the sales.

so now we wait and see what may brings.  enjoy your week and thanks so much for stopping by!

April 13, 2017

An Ugly April

well, the month started off great with the new car and then turned ugly.
my water heater shot craps.  it was 17 yrs old and had a good life.  lasted alot longer than expected.  however, on the crappy side... being i live in a manufactured home, the specs and codes are different from that of a stick home.... which means the price is different.  i sure hope you're sitting down!  to the tune of $900, i got me a new water heater.  good thing i did not have to pay for installation, and no, it's not included in the price.  a friend put it in.  went in like butter on toast and all is well.  i now live in what i call the VERY POOR HOUSE!!!

on top of that, puppy got stung in her butt which caused an "anal canal abscess" and had to be lanced.  on the good side... it was far less expensive than i anticipated and that was WITH meds.

yesterday i gave my BFF of 40+ yrs a call as it was our monthly call.  left her a message only to hear from her niece that she has cancer and there is nothing they can do for her.  she (my friend) found out just after our last phone call in march and has not talked to anyone other than her immediate family.

talk about a week from HELL!!!!

so, no playtime.

do take the rest of this month to reflect on GOD and your family.  this is EASTER month which, to me, is a holy month.  be thankful for what JESUS has done for you by rising again and be peaceful in knowing you are loved.

i wish you all a VERY BLESSED EASTER!

April 07, 2017

Pink Daisy

well, we are now a week into april.  i had to take my car in as there was a recall.  i lease my car.  my lease comes due in june so i wanted to talk about refinancing it.  the salesman asked me if i liked my car - i have a 2014 kia soul.  i LOVE my car.  it's perfect for me and the dog and really great on gas!  i've had her 3 years and i only put on 18,000 miles.  anyway, i said i need to talk about refinancing it.  he said.. why refinance? why not trade it in.  i said.. i cannot afford payments any higher than what i'm paying.  as a matter of fact, i'd like to lower the payments.  to make a long story short, i came home with a new 2017 kia soul.  i chose the exact same one as the 2014 (silver).  the 2017 is a tad smaller - which works even better for me AND... my payments stay the same!  this is my 3rd KIA.  they are fabulous.

that's about all the excitement i had this week.

the weather has been typical spring - rainy, windy, chilly, sunny.  my grass needs a mowing.  my neighbor already mowed his 3 times.  he better come do mine!!!

i did get some playtime in (don't i always????)....

every now and then i drag out my daisy die
and then this happens!!!
easy peasy.

happy april!

April 01, 2017

Happy April

happy april.  boy, did march zoom by.  we had a rainy march... but isn't that normal?  this year my allergies are terrible.  they haven't bothered me in what seems like forever, but this year... ugh!

i'm dropping out of younique tho my website is still available for you to purchase off of.  i thank you all for the support you have given me.

not much else is going on.  i did get lots of playtime in....

i repurposed a card i received.  i loved the
picture, so i repurposed it to this.
looking good!!!

love this image.  it's from stampin' up's 
SIMPLY SKETCHED set.  easy peasy.

well, wishing you all a happy april.  thanks for stopping by.

March 25, 2017

Basketful of Wishes

so?  decided to try one of blogger's new themes?  not quite sure on this.  what say you?

my congestion is finally gone.  the weather yesterday was gorgeous.  we broke a record and hit 80. had the house opened up.  today it's raining and expected to rain all day.  no problem.  i'll take it.

did get fun time in.....

i do a monthly birthday card for our local elementary school.
this is april's.
there are 43 teachers so everyone who has a birthday
in april celebrates.  our church donates a basket
of goodies and i do the card.
super cute - in my opinion of course LOL.

well, will continue to figure out the new themes of blogger and see what i finally decide on.

have a great week.

I'm Staying

wow!  thank you to all who said "please don't close your blog!" i know, right!  it's been 9 yrs.  i don't think i can...