June 23, 2017

Thank You Apple

it's been a very busy week and now it's almost the end of june.  where in the world does time go?

the weather turned hot & humid after the severe storm and then it got to a mixed bag.  is mother nature even still around????  LOL

i kept myself busy.  i cleaned out some of my stamps but, if you ask me, it wasn't nearly as much as i wanted to.  seems i had planned on a DEEP CLEAN OUT and all i got was... nope.  i'll still hang on to that one!  does it never end?  LOL  and then i keep buying!  wth????

anyway, here's one i played with....

no teachers to send this to, but i love that
apple! it's from STAMPS OF LIFE.  love
her stamps.  she also has fabulous "FLASH" 
sales.... and if you're a member of any one 
of her clubs.... the discount is to die-for!

well, hope your june is super.  with the summer soltice just passed, the days now begin to get shorter.  i'm gonna miss the daylight until 9:30 p.m.  but i AM thankful that i'm still around to enjoy it!

thanks for stopping by!

June 16, 2017


well, it's been a week for sure!  we had a storm come thru and knocked out power and downed lines and trees.  our little town of Sandwich is a mess!!!
fortunately for me, our complexes power came back on after only 2 hours of being out.  however, a few houses on the north side of the complex - which is the older side with single-wide trailers - lost lots of trees and about (or so i've heard and from what i saw) 2 houses and 1 garage have been totally demolished.  lots of trees on the south side of the complex - where i live - had lots of trees down.  my next door neighbor's tree in her front yard went down and fortunately totally missed her house.  i have no trees other than 1 in my front yard so no damage at all to me.

traffic lights were out and downtown sandwich and somonauk (the next town west of us) still have no power - which is now 24+ hours.  lots of restaurants lost lots of food; most stores had no air, no lights and no registers.  those that did open were CASH ONLY.

last night it stormed again with more power outages.  my heart goes out to the COM ED guys who are working round the clock tirelessly.  again, my complex has been blessed as we all have power.

my poor dog was a nervous wreck when the storm hit. i had to go into my car to charge my cell phone as everything in my house was out!!!

boy-o-boy!  you sure don't know how dependent you become to your computer, cell phones, air conditioning.  having COMCAST TRIPLE PLAY.... EVERYTHING in my house went out.  no phone, no tv, no air, no lights and NO RADIO!  guess what i went looking for yesterday?  yep... a battery operated radio... only to find out... there are very few, if any out there!  o, you can find battery BACKUP but that means, the clock will work if there's a power outage. the radio WILL NOT.  actually says that in the manual you get.  sooooooo, i'm on the hunt for a battery operated radio.  i DID get me the NOAA all-media weather / storm radio which i had intended to get anyway.

i did alot of praying and alot of hugging puppy.  all is well here and... as always... GOD IS GOOD!

June 11, 2017

My 1st Time Computer Cards

well, summer has definitely arrived in the midwest.  temps in the mid 90s but not too humid.  we need rain. it hasn't rained in 2 weeks.

not much else going on.  i closed on my refinance of my home and now off to bigger and better things.

with the heat outside, i get to stay inside in the cool air and play.

these were both special requests.  
one for a 6th grader and one for an 11th grader.
these are also the 1st cards i did completely on the computer!
placement, color and sentiment.
i love how they came out and so did the lady who ordered them!

i think i'll be playing more with this on the computer.  be nice to "get the hang of it".

well, another new week starts and more sunshine to enjoy!

have a wonderful week and so glad you stopped by.

June 04, 2017

Hello June and Mr. Stormtrooper

happy june!  summer has arrived.  it's been hot - high 80s, low 90s.  boo hoo.  i'd rather it stayed in the mid 70s and NO a/c.  now THAT would be dream weather.... for me.  but hey!  it's summer and i'll take it.... heat and all.  i'm really loving the long daylight.  doesn't get really dark til 9:30 p.m.

tomorrow is my son's 45th birthday.  geeze louize.  where the hell did THAT time go????  anyway, he's a huge STAR WARS fan.  always has been... since the very 1st episode.  soooooooo, i made him this card....

 he's gonna LOVE it!!!
found the image trolling google and just colored it with
my copics.  yep.  he's gonna love it!

my month is filling up with baby showers, graduations and just plain fun.  my refi closing is planned for this week.  let's hope it HAPPENS.  the banks always seem to delay things!  

have a great week and hope your june is as great as mine!  thanks for coming by!

May 30, 2017

Goodbye May

well goodbye may!!! the weather has been gorgeous and the house opened up!  i can only wish this is what summer will be like!  now wouldn't that just be wonderful????  the less i have to turn the air on, the better i like it!  however, with all the nice weather... i have been bored.  i know, right!

i have an over-abundance of cards yet i continue making them.  i took them out of a local shop which added to the abundance.  i thought of maybe making some card fronts, but for some reason, i just can't wrap my mind around that.  it's either the entire card or nothing!!!!

puppy is as bored as i am.  she doesn't want to run outside and play ball and she follows me around like my shadow.  that's a good thing.  she's wonderful company and soooooooooooo good.  i take her for a car ride EVERYDAY!!  even if it's just around the complex.  she's a happy camper!

FYI.... i have some stamps i'll be selling and they'll be on my GLITTERBABE site, so if you're interested... do check back often.

so, just so you're not bored just reading this... i tried my hand at some humor...

i thought this was funny!

well, off to see what i can get into today.  another beautiful day.  what a fabulous blessing!

hope may was good to you. have a great week!

May 22, 2017

End of May and New Group

and now it's almost the END of may!  geeze louize!  can time fly any faster????

not much has been going on.  weather has been a mixed bag of rain, wind, storms, sun; but then, isn't that always the way lately?

i've worked on my stamps and have a few to find a new home for.... tho, in my opinion.... i could really have alot more if i ever talk myself out of why do i really need so many in the first place.  come on!  do i really need 86 - hello friend, dear friend, my friend stamps????  LOL.

i've opened a group on facebook where i will be selling some of those stamps AND my cards.  it's a closed group so if you would like to join, please let me know.  here's the link..... GLITTERBABE GREETINGS.  i do hope you come by and take a look around.

well, that's about it at this end.  have a wonderful end of may.  so enjoyed your visit!

May 16, 2017

The Middle of May

wow!  time just flies doesn't it?  it's the middle of may already.  summer has arrived (at least this week) and i had to turn the air on.  the sun has been shining brightly too!  in the high 80s til thursday and then dropping into the 60s.  mixed bag of whatever, but hey!  i'll take it.

my friend pass away.  i am heartbroken.  40 yrs of friendship - very close friendship and the thought of never hearing her voice and laughter again just makes me cry - spontaineously!  but... she did not suffer long and she is at peace!
i am going thru my stamps... again... and i may post them for sale on facebook.  sooooo, if you're curious... keep checking my FB page (link on right).

in the meantime, i have gotten some playtime in.  graduation is near, so here's one i did for a church member...

gotta love washi tape!.  easy peasy but just what i needed!

well, off for a pedicure this morning.  have a great week!

Thank You Apple

it's been a very busy week and now it's almost the end of june.  where in the world does time go? the weather turned hot & hum...