April 07, 2018

Just Saying Hi

i hope you all had a fun filled, very blessed easter.  mine was great as always!  my granddaughter came to service with me and actually said she was glad she went (what a blessing!); then i took her home and we all had easter dinner.  i am truly blessed.

nothing much else has been going on.  i've been going thru my stamps (again) to see just what i have.  i also decided to put some of the sets that i took apart back together.  what a job!  no clue why i'm doing that, just going with a "gut feeling".  i've also been on a roll creating.  so, i guess i can say.... all is well.

here's one card i had fun doing.....

a church member (who has now moved out of state) is turning 80 and his family is giving him a surprise party.  our church asked that we make a card and he will send ALL of them to him.  i'm still in touch with them so he would have gotten this anyway.

kids are all good, and so is puppy.  the weather is like all 4 seasons in 30 days or less!   geeze louize.

well, there ya have it.  so glad you stopped by.  be well, be safe, be blessed. 

March 31, 2018

March 16, 2018

The Middle of March

well the Ides of March passed without incident.... or news for that matter.  not a mention of it did i see or hear anywhere. 

up to now, i've been busy.  my mojo has been great and my card stash is growing.

friends from church invited me and a friend to see the play CABARET.  it was AWESOME!!!!  been years since i've been to a play.  didn't realize how much i missed it.

i fell.  yep.  fell.  smack dab on my right hip - which is the hip i had replaced 21 yrs ago.  talk about scared!!!!  fortunately, i literally fell into GOD'S HANDS.  i did not dislocate anything (thank you LORD) and there was no outside bruising - until yesterday - which is a week from the actually fall.  there was no furniture in the way so i didn't hit anything.  i fell hard.  very hard and it really felt more like a 3rd degree burn.  as i live in a modular home, my floors are concrete.  i figured between the carpeting and my jeans, THAT'S what made it feel like i was burned.  there was no redness in the area either.  i was on a stepstool but was able to get down but lost my footing and went backwards.  things could have been much much worse.  so yeah, i'll say, "i fell into GOD's hand".

weather has been a mixed bag (isn't it always????) with a few spring-like days.  i'll take it!  at least it's been sunny.

anyway, i was in my room and thought i would play with my alocohol inks on a technique i learned years (many years) ago.  i thought it came out gorgeous.....

and was really easy too!!!

well, no much else going on.  quiet yet busy and i'm looking forward to spring - more sunshine!!!

happy st. pat's and happy rest of march.  thanks so much for your visit.  see you soon.

March 01, 2018

Happy March and Changes

hello and happy March.  time sure flies.

so, here's what's been going on....

i have thought about closing my blog, but then figured i'd keep it open just in case i want to play in some challenges.  soooooooo, if you don't see me here for awhile, it's because i'm not playing any challenges.  i will TRY to stop by every now and then just to say hi and see how you're all doing.  otherwise you can find me  and my cards at GB CARDS and on facebook.

i've been working my butt off making cards.  i average about a dozen cards a day.  how fun is that????  in my calculation it comes out to about 1200-1500 cards a year.  WOW!  but then... i need 60 for my church; 60 for one shop that i sell them in; 48 for the 2d shop i sell them in and, of course, for my own personal use and for friends and neighbors who buy them directly.  i call it MY SANITY!

so february went out like spring.  temps in the high 60s - no coat weather.  even puppy got to spend time outdoors.  she was definitely a happy camper! 
march has come in with wind and rain but mild temps in the 40s.

i actually got to open up the house for a few days and i de-winterized it.  meaning...  i put away all the winter decorations and brought out spring. 

i hope the change of seasons have been great for you.

sooooooooo, i'm wishing you a happy, healthy, safe and blessed March.  do come see me at the 2 links above.  otherwise, i will see you soon!

Hugs to all.

February 14, 2018

Working on Easter

well we got about 14 inches of snow.  i was house bound 3 full days.  finally got out and not only was it all beautiful and blinding, but it truly looked like a winter tundra!!!!  now things are starting to melt and the temps are supposed to rise to the mid-40s and low 50s with rain expected.  can we say FLOODING?????  oy vey.

i've been busy working on cards, none of which are valentines.  they don't do well for me in the stores AND i only send them to my grandkids.  soooooo, i decided to work on easter - as i need them for the church anyway.  here's one for ya....

this image came on a christmas card (imagine that!)
and i thought it would make the perfect easter card!
what say you?

back to the dolddrums.  enjoy the rest of feburary.  may you have love, happiness, fun and CHOCOLATE!

February 03, 2018

Happy February

once again, time has flown; but that's ok.  another day closer to spring - in my book!

absolutely nothing has been going on in my life.  i'm house-bound, but of my own choosing.  i hate the cold weather but i'll take it over snow, ice, sleet, rain any day! so i stay in and make cards.  i've been on a roll - making about a dozen cards a day.  i post them on my Glitterbabe FB page and sell them.  i get a few bites and they are doing fairly well in the shops i have them in.  i am blessed.

puppy is missing her car rides - the long ones - but it's been way too cold for that.  i do take her for a ride around the complex just to go to the mailbox.  she is sooooooo spoiled! 

anyway, here's a coupe of cards i've made for easter.....

this one i was just playing at 

this image is by stampin' up called INDESCRIBABLE GIFT.
i love this set and use it often.

well, that's it at this end.  hope your februray is full of love, happiness and CHOCOLATE!


January 23, 2018

End of January

and now we are about at the end of january.  yep.  it zoomed by.  time goes by faster and faster each year and i get older and older!  it pains me to admit it.... but.... my mother was right!  she warned me!  LOL

not much happening in my neck of the woods.  weather has been nice.  sunny days, some cold, some mild.  today is rainy and snowy but no accumulation expected.  i can only HOPE the rest of the winter will be this mild.  the very cold temps makes my bones ache - literally.  arthritis is NOT fun and can be very painful.  i banged my wrist earlier in the week and the cold temps are making it throb - painfully.  my meds don't work.  at least i don't think they do; but doc won't change them.  i love being OLD... lol.

my cards are doing well in the 2 shops i have them in, and sales are picking up from friends and neighbors.  more $$$ to spend on product!!!!

i keep busy in my craft room daily and have been on a roll (i should bite my tongue here).  i've been making about a dozen cards a day.  how fun.  here's one for ya...

this is a gorgeous set from FunStampersJourney.  it's called DAHLIA BURST.  you can find it here...  Dahlia Burst
you can purchase the stamp set alone or what we call "the bundle" which is the stamp set plus dies.  any questions, send me an email or message me on facebook.

well, it's been fun.  thanks for stopping by.  see you next month!

Just Saying Hi

i hope you all had a fun filled, very blessed easter.  mine was great as always!  my granddaughter came to service with me and actually said...