July 25, 2017

Just a Flower

well, july is just about gone!  it was hot and steamy this past week but the last 2 days have been gorgeous and i'm able to open the house and turn the a/c off!  i LOVE when that happens!

the dog tags are doing really well.  much better than my cards do! go figure LOL.

not much else going on.  budget it tight so i hate going out for NOTHING.  puppy is bored to tears.  to keep her happy, i drive around my complex BEFORE i head to the mailbox.  she's a very happy camper when she can go for a car ride!!! such a good dog!

my stamps are finally all in order and i did get some crafty time in....

i went thru some of my OLD catalogs and came across
this image.  just loved it, so i cut it out and colored
it.  easy-peasy.

well, not much on my agenda this week, but i'll take it.  a little ME time is always a good thing.  

got an invite to a wedding so i'll be figuring out what kind of card i want to make.  it has to be special!  i would LOVE to make an explosion card but i have NO clue how and i definitely do NOT have the patience.  sooooooooo, scratch that idea!  i AM sure, however, that i will come up with something fabulous!

til then... have a fabulous week and soooooo glad you stopped by!

July 20, 2017

Always something

only 6 days since my last post and it seems longer!  really?  the way time flies????  life sure is funny.... and strange!

finally, FINALLY finished my stamps.  let's hope this time it'll be 3 YEARS before i take that on again!!!!!

i will be getting rid of some and posting on my  GLITTERBABE GREETINGS page, so do keep a lookout.

weather here has been.... well summer.  hot and humid with a mixed bag of sun, rain, storms etc. thrown in.  i guess you could say "typical" for the midwest!

haven't don't any crafting, but i did see something that sparked an idea for me, concerning pets....

we seldom, if ever, think about our pets if
anything should ever happen to us.  sooooooooo,
after seeing several of these around (at more than $6 each [but then,
they were made much better]} i decided to try it out
for myself.
the red is wallet size and $3
the pink is keychain size and $2
so far, so good.  got several orders!!!!

if you'd like one PM me on FB or email me.
i can do just about any color you like.
i would need your pet's name(s), YOUR address and
your emergency contact's info (name & phone) for the back.

always something! but ALWAYS fun!

July 14, 2017

TO YOU Birthday

not much going on around here.  i'm back to going thru my stamps and cataloging them........ again!  it never ends LOL.  but then, i'm a bit OCD on that anyway.  i figured since i have so many SU and now being a FSJ coach, i wanted to keep my sets together and get to use most of them.  anyway, i did get my FSJ kit and boy-o-boy... the stamps are awesome.  here's one of what i got...

 this set is called TO YOU.  it's NOT in the catalog.
please note:  ALL FSJ stamps come on a storage board and are
all nice thick rubber that is already cut and cushioned for you!

and this is the card i made.  in my kit, i DID get
the dies to the set!.
the stamp is already shaded so there was little coloring.
i'm a happy "journey"man!

again, if you would like to take a look around, you can do so HERE  

well, other than working on my stamps and it being way too hot and humid to even be outside, i'm enjoying summer.  puppy, however, is bored to tears.  at least she gets her car ride daily as i trek to the mailbox.

have a great week!

July 06, 2017

Fun Stampers Journey

in case you haven't heard, i have joined the FUN STAMPERS JOURNEY team!  if you're not familiar with it, it's a stamp company - like Stampin Up.  tons of fun stuff... stamps, inks, paper, dies.... .you know... all the stuff we don't need but want!!!

the catalog is TO-DIE-FOR!  no, really!!!!  it's over 300 pages and all the stamps shows are ACTUAL SIZE!!!!  is that cool or what?

if you'd like a catalog or just want to check out our goodies... do stop by HERE 
you can purchase directly from my website.

if you like everything at once... check out our BLOOM BOXES...

 Bloom Box is the easiest way to create gorgeous cards with brand-new products and share your papercrafting passion! 
Each month enjoy an exclusive red rubber stamp set, pre-cut elements, coordinating embellishments and step-by-step instructions. Create 4 eye-catching, unique greeting cards using the supplies we've provided. Just add your inks and a few tools, and you're ready to go.
Share your creations with friends and family, give a set as a gift, or keep in your personal inspiration library. Better yet, use it to host your own crafting party!
Get your Bloom Box by with our 6-month subscription service for $24.95/month. We now have an Ala Carte option as well to purchase the current month only, while supplies last, for $29.95. Ala Carte purchases are not guaranteed as supplies are limited.

i'm always around if you have any questions.  grab that cup of coffee or tea or even a glass of wine and take a little JOURNEY!!!

let me know what you think!

July 01, 2017

Goodbye June

well, june went out like typical summer.... hot and humid.

nothing going on around here.  all is quiet.  the 2d store where i sold my cards closed, so i had to take my cards out.  decided it was time to inventory what i had took me 2 full days. holy moly!  then i had to figure out what and how i wanted to keep my file.  i had pictures of my cards going back to 2011, some from now defunct companies, and most of cards i no longer have.  so, do i or don't i keep them?  again, another 2 days on the computer.  i decided to pick and choose what i wanted to keep and change the file system up a bit.  now back to normal.... i hope!

i did have plenty of time to play BEFORE being on the computer for 4 days, soooooo......

o how fun! and very easy!
scrap paper and played with an old die!

well, happy July!  hope your holiday weekend is "bursting" with fun and i hope your summer is too!

thanks for stopping by!

June 23, 2017

Thank You Apple

it's been a very busy week and now it's almost the end of june.  where in the world does time go?

the weather turned hot & humid after the severe storm and then it got to a mixed bag.  is mother nature even still around????  LOL

i kept myself busy.  i cleaned out some of my stamps but, if you ask me, it wasn't nearly as much as i wanted to.  seems i had planned on a DEEP CLEAN OUT and all i got was... nope.  i'll still hang on to that one!  does it never end?  LOL  and then i keep buying!  wth????

anyway, here's one i played with....

no teachers to send this to, but i love that
apple! it's from STAMPS OF LIFE.  love
her stamps.  she also has fabulous "FLASH" 
sales.... and if you're a member of any one 
of her clubs.... the discount is to die-for!

well, hope your june is super.  with the summer soltice just passed, the days now begin to get shorter.  i'm gonna miss the daylight until 9:30 p.m.  but i AM thankful that i'm still around to enjoy it!

thanks for stopping by!

June 16, 2017


well, it's been a week for sure!  we had a storm come thru and knocked out power and downed lines and trees.  our little town of Sandwich is a mess!!!
fortunately for me, our complexes power came back on after only 2 hours of being out.  however, a few houses on the north side of the complex - which is the older side with single-wide trailers - lost lots of trees and about (or so i've heard and from what i saw) 2 houses and 1 garage have been totally demolished.  lots of trees on the south side of the complex - where i live - had lots of trees down.  my next door neighbor's tree in her front yard went down and fortunately totally missed her house.  i have no trees other than 1 in my front yard so no damage at all to me.

traffic lights were out and downtown sandwich and somonauk (the next town west of us) still have no power - which is now 24+ hours.  lots of restaurants lost lots of food; most stores had no air, no lights and no registers.  those that did open were CASH ONLY.

last night it stormed again with more power outages.  my heart goes out to the COM ED guys who are working round the clock tirelessly.  again, my complex has been blessed as we all have power.

my poor dog was a nervous wreck when the storm hit. i had to go into my car to charge my cell phone as everything in my house was out!!!

boy-o-boy!  you sure don't know how dependent you become to your computer, cell phones, air conditioning.  having COMCAST TRIPLE PLAY.... EVERYTHING in my house went out.  no phone, no tv, no air, no lights and NO RADIO!  guess what i went looking for yesterday?  yep... a battery operated radio... only to find out... there are very few, if any out there!  o, you can find battery BACKUP but that means, the clock will work if there's a power outage. the radio WILL NOT.  actually says that in the manual you get.  sooooooo, i'm on the hunt for a battery operated radio.  i DID get me the NOAA all-media weather / storm radio which i had intended to get anyway.

i did alot of praying and alot of hugging puppy.  all is well here and... as always... GOD IS GOOD!

Just a Flower

well, july is just about gone!  it was hot and steamy this past week but the last 2 days have been gorgeous and i'm able to open the hou...